Universidad Villanueva

Securing the future of a 40 year-old brand that still touches people’s hearts

After more than 40 years preparing its students for the professional world and also for life, Centro Universitario Villanueva had evolved and was facing a turning point. With this came the need for a new brand that showcased the University’s strengths, enhanced its personality and helped competing in an increasingly dynamic and demanding context. A new brand that would strengthen its leadership position today and in the future.

-> Strategy

- Brand audit and diagnosis
- Brand platform
- Tone of voice
- Storytelling and messaging

-> Design

- Brand design
- Look&feel design
- Brand book
- Photography direction
- Brand guardianship

-> Experience

- Brand environment and signage
- Ephemeral design-events
- Web: Navigation and design

Under the strategic concept ‘Mobilising Ecosystem’, we defined a new strategy that reflects Villanueva’s unique way of understanding the University: a vibrant community where students can accumulate both academic and life experiences that help them grow, evolve and prepare for the future. It also conveys Villanueva’s strong focus on the development of students not only as professionals, but as ‘value activists.’ This is, people who are fair, responsible, with a clear vision and the energy to leave a positive mark on the world.

This strategic approach translates into a dynamic and versatile visual identity that encapsulates the energy of the mobilising ecosystem and how it drives students throughout their academic and personal journeys.

The new logo builds on the University’s humanistic tradition and conveys the idea of personalised guidance and accompaniment. Taking Universidad Villanueva’s initials (U+V), the symbol is formally inspired by the figure of a student wearing the graduation stole, which symbolises both academic and personal excellence. The double stroke alludes to the idea of the University accompanying students during their time at the University.

The symbol encapsulates the brand idea and is its most concise visual expression. It is a memorable graphic element that serves as the basis for the rest of the brand’s visual assets.

Based on the formal characteristics of the symbol, we created an energetic and highly versatile graphic language, which is supported by a vibrant colour palette and the Akkurat typeface family. This visual universe allows the University to communicate effectively to its various audiences in a way that is both clear and informative, as well as bold and expressive.

The graphic elements that comprise the visual universe, together with a bold and confident tone of voice, convey and emphasise the ideas of guidance and mobilisation across all touchpoints. The result is a brand that moves, inspires and touches the hearts of its audiences.