Orquest. Your retail workforce value booster


Orquest is an employee scheduling software that, through Artificial Intelligence, maximizes the performance and sales of large establishments such as Zara or McDonald’s. This task is achieved by improving customer service in the store, but also by detecting and solving inefficiencies along the entire value chain. In this sense, one of the challenges of this project in order to position ourselves as a leading international staff planning brand was, in addition to modernizing the visual codes, to create a story capable of mobilizing a heterogeneous pull of audiences with very different motivations.



We proposed a simple and direct web navigation with a declined narrative for each relevant profile in order to connect with sensibilities as different as those of an HR manager, an IT manager or an Operations manager.
Regarding the graphic part of the brand, we evolved the logo by integrating the symbol into the brand name and updating its original essence to achieve a more contemporary, stronger and more technological visual identity.

From the geometric features present in the logo, we developed a new visual language that gives us the tools to express ourselves and communicate the brand with versatility at every point of contact. All this generating a recognizable and memorable brand universe that reinforces Orquest’s strengths and differential value.