Kiandu. Inspiration and home trends for everyone.


This project allowed us to create a home textile brand with a universal vocation closely linked to lifestyle. However, it also posed a great challenge: designing a visual system capable to respond to the needs of a vast portfolio and, at the same time, giving each collection its own personality.



To make this ambition a reality, we proposed a brand inspired by the essentials. Starting with an evocative naming that means ‘fabric’ in Swahili, we designed a minimalist but memorable logo thanks to a very particular ‘K’ that we turned into the symbol of the brand. In that ‘K’, the original strokes are redrawn suggesting the union of the sewing thread and the needle. For the look and feel, we bet on clarity and simplicity, playing with different color schemes to differentiate the Basics collection from the rest of the collections, which open up to vibrant tones and typographies. The result is a direct and welcoming brand that highlights the product and its design to position it as a home staple.