ICEMD, an institute belonging to the renowned ESIC business university, is a pioneering training space in Spain, with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and digital economy.

In a context of unprecedented competition and intrusiveness, ICEMD needed to rethink both its brand strategy and its visual identity in order to reposition itself in the market and be able to communicate its mission and brand values effectively to its audiences. KNOM carried out a complete rebranding project, conceived around the idea of innovation, the focus of ICEMD’s activity.


As a starting point for the project, a new brand essence was defined: “Transformational Prism”. This idea positions ICEMD as an ambitious team dedicated to training and transformation for more than 20 years. A meeting point between people, companies and innovation where different faces of the same vision converge: to transform the way its audiences look at the world and face the future. The prism concept was subsequently adopted as the cornerstone of a new visual system centred on the idea of “building the fabric of the future”.

Visual identity

Based on the prism as a key modular element, a new visual system was generated that gives shape to all the elements of the new brand with the exception of the logo, which was to remain unchanged. This new graphic language is strongly influenced by the hexagon as a geometric shape built from the prism, present in various forms in the fabric of nature and carrying strong connotations such as efficiency, organic growth or development.

Taking the prism and the hexagon as conceptual reference elements, a highly versatile and varied graphic language was proposed in response to the Institute’s communication needs: the classification of its wide range of educational offerings and its need to communicate effectively to very different audiences.