ICEMD Enterprise Innovation Summit 2020

Ensuring ICEMD’s annual flagship event’s strategic impact.

The first Innovation Summit by ICEMD was an event of special relevance that required to be approached in a strategic, bold and differential way. This annual congress brings together all the work done during the year as a driver for innovation through collaboration, exchange and exploration of new horizons.

From a brand architecture point of view, we reflected on the degree of proximity or independence of the identity of this event, and its upcoming editions, to the core identity of ICEMD.

Concept and visual identity

We defined a creative concept under which the name, the visual and verbal identity of the event were articulated: ‘Voyager to Innovation. An expedition to outside thinking.’ A concept that draws on the imaginary of the great space expeditions of history, in order to represent the pioneering spirit and the ability to push limits and chart new trajectories towards future opportunities of both ICEMD and the partners that collaborate with the Institute.

From a visual and experiential point of view, all communication pieces developed focus on the immersive nature of the expedition concept, a doubly essential aspect in a context still marked by remote assistance.

Visualising the idea of expedition

As an essential aspect of the project, we worked on reflecting the concept of expedition and exploration from the very structure of the Summit’s content, with the agenda and its participants being key values of the Summit. To this end, the five thematic blocks of the event were translated into ‘stations’ in the expedition; five ‘destinations’ of a unique nature, which we visualised through animations inspired by the outer space and sci-fi imaginary.

We developed an immersive online experience for the event’s landing page, allowing future attendees to explore the different stations in first person and culminating the journey in the Summit registration process.

Throughout the promotion period of the event, as well as in the post-event phase, a multitude of communication pieces were developed and launched on social media, as well as emailing, again supported by the creative concept and reflecting the journey through the five stations of the Summit.