Cooking a brand that faithfully conveys the ritual of the Argentinean barbecue.

ENUVE was born in the middle of the pandemic, when uncertainty still reigned in the hospitality sector and restrictions loomed over an industry that did not know how long the shutters would remain down. But, as they say, ‘out of every crisis comes an opportunity’. The 9Reinas Group took advantage of this situation to give shape to a new business idea that allowed the company to continue its activity, while providing an outlet for the stock of meat that could not be cooked in its restaurants.

ENUVE is an Argentinean grill that is easy to use, clean and transport and that helps customers getting the most out of 9Reinas meats without the need to own a large garden or to be expert grillers. An ambitious project that required a powerful identity and a consistent storytelling, capable of transmitting the experience and values of the true Argentinean barbecue.

Naming and visual identity

The name ENUVE is inspired by the shape of the typical Argentinian grill rods (V-shaped), an aspect that enhances the authenticity of the product and the brand. The visual identity also takes the triangle formed by the V-shaped rod as a key graphic element to give structure to the brand. This shape is highly prominent both in the symbol and the logotype, which has been typeset in a custom stencil typography.

The look&Feel is accompanied across the communication pieces by a symbol which represents the sun and time. This has been constructed with the same triangle-shaped graphic elements as the logotype.


One of the differential points of 9Reinas is the excellent quality of its meats, which is the result of a selection of the best local producers in their place of origin. However, contrary to what it might seem, dealing with premium meat was a deterrent for some end users as we detected that there was a fear of spoiling the meat. This made us reflect on the need to build a good product didactic: if we wanted to transfer the ritual of roasting, we had to empower consumers and teach them how to cook our meats. Therefore, we developed a product didactic through social networks and the brand’s website where, in addition to allowing customers to select the meat cut, breed and maturation time, they can also access a content platform that offers information, tips and recipes.

Graphic language and packaging

The colour palette refers to the colours of ember and summer via a vibrant combination of black and yellow. This palette is part of a look&feel that relies on the diagonal to ‘cut’ the photographs and create brand recognition. We also designed the labelling and packaging of the meats (the core product of 9Reinas). In these applications, we proposed a series of geometrical graphic patterns based on the ‘V’ concept, in order to help customers differentiate each product type.


Finally, we scripted and produced the launch video ‘Festejando el tiempo’ (Celebrating time). A spot that introduces us to the Argentinean barbecue as a philosophy of life. In a context marked by social distance and the desire to meet again, this video turns the ENUVE grill into the perfect excuse to enjoy and spend time with friends and family.