CABE Trasteros


CABE is a new brand of urban storage rooms that, from the comfort and technology, seeks to solve the space problems of big cities. In addition to its urban character, the brand is characterized by offering a flexible, simple and safe service; attributes that we wanted to capture both in the naming and in the graphic system of the brand.



KNOM worked on the naming, the tone of voice and the visual identity starting from an idea that defies the expression that best represents the lack of space: “it doesn’t fit”. This concept is what gives shape to the naming but also to a flexible and dynamic branding system that transfers the benefits of storage rooms showing you a world of possibilities: from making room for a new family member to starting a new hobby.

The logo design is inspired by moving boxes, both in its shape and in the concept of accumulation and stacking. Reinforcing this idea of flexibility, we proposed several versions of the logo where the boxes are accumulated in different ways, just as it happens inside a storage room.