What if one day you discover that your company is missing out on business opportunities by not adequately reaching out to all your audiences?

This is the challenge faced by Vitruve (formerly Speed4Lifts). A pioneering company in the development of technology around VBT (Velocity Based Training). A discipline, still residual but with great potential, which provides knowledge to physical training, but which is opening up to new sectors such as health and rehabilitation. Expanding its target beyond the high-performance athlete or weightlifter.

-> Strategy

- Brand audit and diagnosis
- Brand platform
- Naming
- Storytelling and messaging

-> Design

- Brand design
- Look&feel design
- Brand book

We needed the brand to accompany this evolution of the business, to add and not subtract. To do this, we analysed the context and the company in depth and defined a new brand strategy based on the “Brigther Community” concept. Because Vitruve’s objective is precisely that, to illuminate through technology and the best experts, a discipline, still unknown, in which didactics and the ability to communicate in an easy way were the keys to success.

The name Vitruve is a neologism, based on the concept of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci, with which we establish a direct link between science and progress, associated with the human body.

The visual identity is built on the idea of strength, speed and repetition. The key variables within the VBT discipline. This concept is what gives rise to a solid, flexible and long-lasting identity. Graphic codes characteristic of the sports sector, but without limiting the identity to a specific niche. An identity, which “pushes” the end user to advance, progress and achieve their goals, thus giving rise to a brilliant community in constant improvement.

Based on the vertical displacement represented in the logo, a series of directional graphics are proposed that incorporate this movement into the look and feel and thus generate graphic compositions and create connections between elements.

The result is a powerful and very dynamic brand that captures the essence of the sporting world but is ready to embrace new areas and audiences.