Vibra Mahou

Vibra Mahou was born out of the need to give strategic meaning to Mahou Cinco Estrellas’ music platform. This new sub-brand groups all musical experiences under a shared and coherent model for music-related experiences and events.

This new brand needed to connect with a younger audience and generate engagement through an attractive proposal within the music territory. A brand that would reposition Mahou for this target, both conceptually and graphically and with a clear purpose: to be part of people’s lives through their musical experiences, bringing out their most authentic ‘self.’

A comprehensive brand identity

We developed both the strategy and the visual identity, which embodies Vibra Mahou’s philosophy and brand values: diversity, “all for the cause”, phygital, proximity and creativity are the amplifiers of this new musical window.

The visual identity is inspired by the very concept of the name: vibration. By visually translating music’s contagious rhythm, we generated a ‘living’ logo with five versions which are always ‘moving.’

We designed a fresh and somewhat irreverent look & feel that translates a sense of constant vibration: a fun and full of movement visual language that activates typography within the communication pieces and makes it ‘dance’ via the cloning of the characters. This casual and spontaneous personality is also emphasised by the use of a striking and memorable photographic style.

Given the importance of a well-designed and thought-through set of guidelines for such a large brand, which is regularly used by so many different agencies, we carried out a meticulous process of standardisation. We developed two guidelines manuals, for offline and online media, where all uses of the brand and applications were fully detailed.