Solera GD&C

Solera is a holding company linked to the automotive industry, insurance companies, mechanical workshops as well as database management, process optimisation and Big Data.

We have been working with them since 2016, being deeply familiar with their idiosyncrasies.

We have developed different identity projects as well as others with a strategic profile, analysing the entire commercial and service offer of the different companies in the holding and proposing a new approach to product architecture.

Our relationship with Solera began with the identity design of the internal division Global Data & Content (G) based in Madrid, which would become the backbone of the holding company at an international level. From Knom we conceived a logo that declined from the mother brand and developed a visual system based on its values. To develop the look & feel of the brand, we looked for a system that could be transferred to the digital world, print and signage spaces.

This look & feel maintained Solera’s colour palette and typography. We added a completely new graphic system based on the idea of connections between ideas, people and projects through the union of dots on an invisible grid.