Sens Restaurant. Hotel Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre

The main restaurant of the Sheraton Salobre Gran Canaria Hotel wanted to reopen its doors reinventing itself with a new concept of gastronomic space. They were looking for a different experience to what guests expected, based on the quality and freshness of the raw material, similar to the market places in fashionable cities, working with open spaces, but quiet and cosy. For this, they asked us to work with the naming of the restaurant and a complete brand image, from the logo to the signage of the food stalls.


The project began with the search for the right name. It was necessary to find a suggestive name that appealed to the five senses, to subtlety and placidity. To evoke a quiet space that would provide the calm we need at the beginning and end of the day; where we could be surprised by different and fresh flavours. Sens is the silent care for the exquisite for our senses.

Along with the naming project, and within the branding project, a visual system was developed to locate the food areas.

A whole illustration project with a colour palette that brings liveliness to the spaces and makes them more special, fun and positive. A very careful treatment, working with supports of different materials: wood, ceramics and stones.