Rómola. Unguilty pleasures

Rómola was born as a new disruptive, healthy and pleasurable gastronomic concept. It was born out of the desire to be able to fully enjoy oneself without guilt. A unique and sophisticated space with meticulous attention to detail where to experience an absolutely delicious menu at any time of the day. In summary, a highly seductive concept for which KNOM developed the visual identity.

An exquisite space

The architectural project was led by the award-winning architect Andrés Jaque, with the aim to create an exquisite, surprising and memorable space, just like the menu. The coexistence of marble, wood, dichroic glass and neo-modernist furniture resulted in a unique ambience, made to delight.

We developed an identity that, using the codes of haute couture fashion, conveys a sense of sophistication without being invasive. The brand personality flows through the space and across all touchpoints in the right measure. We envisioned an identity that would champion beauty and lean on geometric and organic textures, alluding to the arts and crafts, as well as to the architecture of the space itself.

A distinctive tone of voice was developed as well, with the aim of generating a memorable communication. This was also enhanced by the use of a thought-through photography style and illustration, both of which which play with characteristic elements of fashion while adding ingredients of irreverence and sensuality. We wrote a brand manifesto that served as a declaration of intentions when opening the menu and navigating the website.

Our manifesto: The taste of freedom

Freedom is a brownie with hazelnut praline that is not fattening.
A yoghurt bowl with açai, banana and red berries, which takes away the sense (of responsibility).
A spelt toast with vegan sobrasada that, if it swells anything, it’s peace with oneself.
Freedom, here, is hypocaloric.
No saturated fats, refined flours, sugar or lactose.
Come and cry. Taste.
Come and eat. With your eyes too.
Come and fill yourself. With emotion.
Come to Romola.
Come and taste the flavour of freedom.

Photography: Carlos Onetti y Lucía Ybarra