Madrid Otra Mirada Literaria

‘Madrid Otra Mirada Literaria’ is an event that opens the doors of several architectural heritage sites that are related to literature. Taking into account that 2020 was the Galdosian year, this edition put a special focus on Benito Pérez Galdós and the spaces surrounding his figure. At KNOM, we developed the campaign to promote this event.

The visual concept revolved around the ‘M’ character, found in ‘Madrid’ and ‘Mirada’ (look). The construction of this key graphic element alludes to the way the spines of the books rest on the shelves. This iconic element, which takes on different colour combinations depending on the graphic application, captured the essence of the event, linking architecture and literature.

*Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this campaign never saw the light of day, as the event was cancelled.