Renta. The Visible Cities

To highlight a series of refurbishments carried out over the more than 25 years of Renta Corporación’s history, we proposed a journey through time, in the form of a prestige book, stopping at places that speak of beauty, innovation and love of detail.

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s 1972 work (“The Invisible Cities”), this compilation of Renta Corporación’s major projects, under the title “Visible Cities”, seeks to transmit the company’s good work throughout its more than three decades of history. Memory, extension or desire; vision, passion or memory are some of the themes with which Calvino wanted to approach the mystery of cities. To them, today we add new dimensions such as speed, the search for well-being or technology.

In this edition, with the refurbishment of buildings as the common thread and the city as the setting, each of the chapters is a nod to the work they have been doing, their capacity to innovate, their attention to detail and their ability to enhance the value of the buildings they work on.

Aware that the future of cities is a creative, strategic and design challenge that is not without complexity, “Visible Cities” is also an ode to the human talent capable of making the invisible visible.

Door, lintel, window

“Only by closing the doors behind you open windows to the future”

– Sappho of Mytilene


The past is a lintel that speaks of cities born as human settlements. The present is a door to a new concept of city that invites to rethink business models, creativity or design.
The future is a window to the future where nature, security,
connection, transparency and service are some of the key elements for the new citizenship.


“Memory is a form of architecture”

– Louise Bourgeois


How many generations fit in a building?
How many families, how many offices, how many glances down a staircase?
In the memory of cities, the soul of a building is written in its pillars. Transforming it into a modern, efficient and sustainable space – equipped with top-quality design and finishes – is only the beginning
of a story whose true protagonists are the people, the essence of a city.


“There are times when the normal becomes extraordinary just like that, and we notice it without knowing how”

– Carmen Martín Gaite


At the crossroads linking the cities of the future there is a common thread that speaks of a better tomorrow. Is it possible to rehabilitate the future? What role does innovation play in the construction of the “smart”?
In the museum of unanswered questions, exploring includes putting knowledge and experience at the service of people, the true protagonists of well-being.
of well-being.