Kobus Partners

Evolving a B2B brand to effectively communicate the company’s business ambitions

Kobus Partners is an investment fund management firm with expertise in renewable energy and alternative investment. In a world that tends towards clean energy, full of brands pivoting around these concepts, the main challenge of this project was to find the space for differentiation that would distance Kobus from its competition through credibility.

Giving value to the youth and dynamism of the brand without losing sight of the main objective: generating confidence in investors. Showing flexibility and agility without neglecting solvency and sophistication. With this balance in mind we built a disruptive visual and verbal identity to stand out in a traditional, static and very formal sector, without renouncing professionalism and trust.

Facing a very homogeneous brand context stuck in drivers and commonplaces, we had the opportunity to stand out by emphasising the “how”. The key was to build a positioning that would reinforce Kobus’ business strategy and show its value in a unique way. A brand that presents itself as a guide to be trusted unreservedly.

We carried out a strategic repositioning of the company: we gave life to a mobilising purpose that moves away from the financial product and expands the meaning of investing. A purpose that shows the world the impact of doing things well and which accompanies the investor to their goal, through a close and transparent process.

In order to communicate the value proposition in an evocative way, we developed a brand narrative that brings coherence to all touchpoints and a human and self-confident tone of voice that enhances the company’s values and strengths.

All of this based on a creative territory that is detached from the brand personality of Kobus’ competitors, which are mostly stuck in traits such as responsibility and wisdom (all of which are taken for granted in the sector). Taking Kobus’ own attributes and the opportunities and demands identified in the market, we shaped a strong narrative that could guide the brand towards its future ambition.

A story that emphasises Kobus’ unique vision of investment as a journey alongside the investors, a planned expedition with an expert group of professionals who know the turf well and guide you to your goal.


Right from the start, we identified the previous visual identity’s use of the kobus in the symbol as a positive and highly differentiating value in the sector. We therefore kept this element and redesigned it in line with more contemporary visual codes. The strokes of the new symbol match the typographic weight in the name, resulting in a clean and solid composition.

Graphic language

The graphic language is built on the brand’s balance between aspects such as agility and dynamism and trust, solidity and expertise in the sector.

We developed a visual brand universe in which the components complement each other to achieve an optimal balance between these aspects. A visual universe in which a muted colour palette, which relates to the financial sector, is combined with the use of a fluorescent yellow. In addition, elements such as a serif typeface, which conveys connotations of solidity and stability, are complemented by the use of bolder graphic shapes and compositions.


We also defined an illustration style based on the overlapping of images and concepts. This approach helps communicating ideas with various degrees of abstraction with visual sophistication, while it contributes to shaping a solid graphic personality.