Idronia is a startup that develops customised solutions in the field of digital transformation. Through creative thinking and the use of the most cutting-edge technologies, Idronia develops innovative projects in areas such as video content processing and transmission, data engineering and connected homes and industries.

Faced with the challenge of standing out in a sector that is constantly advancing and at a time of growth for the company, Knom carried out a naming, identity and web design project.

Naming / Value proposition

As a starting point, a solid and memorable naming proposal was developed, based on the integration of key concepts in the essence of the company and alluding in its sonority to its technological and innovative nature. Likewise, the company’s value proposition was defined around its pioneering nature, synthesised in the tagline “Future mode ON”.


Idronia was born out of an innate need to anticipate the problems of the future and to develop innovative solutions for them today. Faced with the challenge of visually translating attributes such as ambition, creative thinking and disruption, the new identity is inspired by the figure of the alchemist in its most romantic interpretation: the intellectual, tireless and visionary researcher, a pioneer in as yet unknown territories whose ambition is to give shape to what does not yet exist.

Transferred to the technological context, this figure was used as a starting point to develop the concept of “Alchemists of technology”.

Visual identity

The visual identity is inspired by the symbolic graphic language of alchemy, specifically the squaring of the circle, symbol of the philosopher’s stone and the most ambitious quest. Taking this graphic representation as a starting point, the three geometric shapes that make it up (square, circle and triangle) are integrated into the logo and form the basis on which the brand’s visual universe is built.

Faced with the challenge of creating a visual language that helps to transmit highly intangible content and messages, we opted for the predominant use of abstract visual content. The combination of a variety of textures, graphics and careful photographic compositions gives rise to a language that is more evocative, surreal and intriguing than literal, thus avoiding falling into the visual clichés of the sector.


A key part of the branding project was the design and development of the website, which showcases the innovative use cases through a dynamic and fluid user experience, in line with the company’s values.

As part of this process, a style of iconography was developed that is strongly rooted in the brand concept and emphasises the more symbolic nature of the brand.