In a context of profound changes and uncertainties such as the COVID-19 era, ICEMD, the Innovation Institute of ESIC, celebrates the ICEMD XCHANGE: the first of a series of meetings between innovation experts from different sectors with the aim of working together for real innovation with an impact on society.

Due to the exceptional circumstances of confinement, the meeting was planned telematically through Zoom. Knom developed the visual identity of the event, as well as coordinating its execution.

-> Strategy

- Conceptualisation
- Storytelling and messaging
- Event coordination

-> Design

- Look & feel design
- Animation design and direction

-> Experience

- Welcome pack
- Digital experience (web and emailing)
- Ephemeral design (event space)

Concept and visual identity

The identity developed is based on the conceptual premise proposed by ICEMD: a meeting inspired by the dynamics of an orchestra, where high-level experts come together to unite diverse minds with a common goal: to work all “in tune” and in harmony to orchestrate a significant impact on the future.

Based on this conceptual premise and the Institute’s visual identity, we developed a graphic language inspired by musical writing, taking the staff (the structural basis of musical writing) as the main element and “liberating” the lines that make it up. In this way we express the ambition of the ICEMD XCHANGE meeting as a breeding ground for innovative and disruptive ideas that contribute to reinventing the future from the ground up.

User journeys

We also develop the different user journeys of the attendees (active participants or listeners) from the moment of recruitment to the day of the event and design all the digital points of contact between them and the Institute.