How to communicate a sustainability event that goes beyond the traditional concept of sustainability?

ICEMD understands sustainability not only as a generator of social impact, but also as a discipline capable of being profitable and generating new business and collaboration models, attracting investment and capital to this type of project.

Both the naming and the backbone concept of the event had to capture this unique point of view very well and transfer it graphically to the image of the first event of the institute in this area, one of the areas that is gaining the most strength within ICEMD.

Under the name ICEMD SUSTAINABILITY + INNOVATION= FUTURE we approached sustainability as a change of prism, an ‘out of the box’ approach that goes out of the comfort zone. A sustainability that generates change in organisations, making them more innovative, but also impacts on innovation, making it more sustainable.

Visual identity

Taking as a starting point the most synthetic verbal expression of the event’s name, “S+I=F”, the visual identity developed transfers the notion of a change of perspective through the visualisation of the three key concepts (Sustainability, Innovation and Future) through the creative use of typography and depth.

This change of prism reveals what each concept represents and turns the initials “S,I,F” into versatile containers of ideas and meanings, used in the various pieces developed for the event.

The visual identity reinforces the idea of the continuous cycle of the binomial sustainable innovation / sustainability as a generator of innovation, resulting in a deliberately dynamic proposal in constant movement.

The formula for sustainable innovation

Throughout the pieces developed for the event, the initials illustrate the three concepts of the formula proposed by ICEMD for sustainable and profitable innovation:

Sustainability (S): the planet that we must take care of from every aspect of business activity.

Innovation (I): ideas and the human capacity to look beyond and find solutions in an increasingly complex context.

Future (F): the sustainable economic growth and development to which we aspire