ICEMD Brand refresh

Helping a key player in innovation facing a new activity and positioning without losing its equity.

ICEMD is the Institute of Innovation at reputed marketing school ESIC. After more than 20 years as an innovation training school, ICEMD was facing a turning point in its history, driven by a change in its role and activity within the school: from training to research, creation and promotion of new knowledge and trends across new, more B2B-focused, audiences. With new dynamics, a more open and collaborative attitude than ever before and a new and very clear purpose: to be a benchmark and a driving force for innovation that helps ESIC standing at the forefront in a sustainable way.

We developed the strategic concept “Changemakers”, in order to embody ICEMD’s ambition and attitude in this new stage. A new era in which the Institute’s brand essence and personality are driven by the search for change, impact and development, as well as an open, collaborative and disruptive attitude.

Evolving by building on strengths

The Institute’s new identity had to evolve from its previous identity (also created by Knom), building on its conceptual and aesthetic strengths.

Taking a brand universe visually anchored in triangular graphics as a starting point, we turned this graphic element into the key ‘container’ for the strategic concept “Changemakers”. We found inspiration in the Greek triangular delta character and in its function as an indicator of “change in the value of a variable”. This renewed approach is strongly aligned with the three pillars that underpin the Institute’s new methodology: open innovation, applied research and collaborative learning.

The logo retains the inherited distinctive cuts in the characters, which allude to the strategic concept and visual language.

An open and free graphic language

Based on a previous highly complex visual universe, we evolved towards a cleaner, more minimalist and experimental language. All of this in line with a renewed conception of innovation based on intelligence, research and exploration.

The result offers endless possibilities, with the triangle being used conceptually as the basis for all visual expressions of the brand. A new, more expressive and experimental typographic treatment contributes to convey ICEMD’s new innovative and disruptive personality.

A future-ready brand

Since the implementation of the new brand, its strengths and versatility have become clear. Taking this renewed personality and visual expression, we have developed together with ICEMD, among many other projects, the identity of its two main events: The ICEMD XCHANGE and the ICEMD Enterprise Innovation Summit. These are just the first steps on a promising journey for ICEMD and ESIC which has only just begun.

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