Fundación Amigos Museo Reina Sofía

Shaping a brand for the Foundation of a renowned contemporary art museum.

Right from the start of the project it became clear to us that the Foundation needed to create a strong community who would support art and bring it closer to society, in order to bring people closer to the Museum. In this sense, Museum and Foundation needed to be two sides of the same coin: they had to remain closely related, but their differences also needed to be emphasised. In contrast to the more institutional tone of the Museum, the Foundation required a social and collective vocation in order to make an impact. All of this from a ‘mass’ approach that simultaneously needed to feel close and empathetic, making everyone feel represented. In short: bringing the Museum closer to people.

-> Strategy

- Tone of voice
- Storytelling and messaging

-> Design

- Brand design
- Look&feel design
- Brand book
- Brand guardianship

-> Experience

- Brand environment and signage
- Ephemeral design-events
- Digital environment

We started by giving shape and structure to the name of the brand: Amigos del Reina (‘Friends of Reina’). A close and direct name that involves everyone.

The visual identity needed to embody a living brand that puts the community at the centre of a movement that celebrates creativity and art.

In order to give life to the logo and the graphic system, we turned the word Amigos (‘Friends’) into the latch of a door that opens the Museum to art, to people’s creativity and also to children. We designed a dynamic visual system in which the logo opens up and creates a frame that adapts to all sorts of contents. We gave the brand a new palette composed by 6 vibrant colours which contribute to a rich and inspiring visual universe, specifically designed to attract people’s attention.

Photography: Lucía Ybarra