Spanish Film Archive

Revitalising the emblematic institution Filmoteca Española through a new, contemporary language.

Filmoteca Española (and its associated cinema in Madrid, ‘Cine Doré’) is the renowned Spanish institution in charge of promoting and preserving Spain’s cinematographic heritage, as well as a pilgrimage destination for film buffs.

The Filmoteca needed a new graphic system in order to remain relevant and to connect with a younger audience through more contemporary visual codes. A visual system that, while respecting the essence of the institution, could take its communications one step further.

In order to meet this challenge, we developed the creative concept ‘The cinema that moves you’, which speaks of the cinema that touches you, but also of the dynamism of a renowned institution with a very active programme. Under this concept we worked on a visual system that respects the essence of the Filmoteca and takes its communication one step further.

We updated the logo by refining the iconic spiral in the symbol and increasing the thickness of the stroke. The former typographic treatment was replaced for a bolder and taller sans-serif; a more contemporary and functional choice for reproduction in all media. Finally, the word ‘Filmoteca’ (the Spanish equivalent for ‘cinemathèque’, a compund term that identifies the institution and which combines the words ‘Film’ and ‘Library’) was highlighted in bold.

These adjustments aim to strengthen the identity of the Filmoteca Española, making it more memorable and bringing our cinematographic heritage closer to more people.

The graphic system is based on the creative concept ‘the cinema that moves you’ and takes inspiration from film negatives and the way they move during the projection. It is an effective yet rich system that relies on the offsetting of its main elements, photography and typography, as a key feature that alludes to the movement of the negatives. The wide color palette, which covers the entire light spectrum, brings to life the advertised films, providing a rich contrast with the darkness of the pure black, which is always used as the base colour.