Turning a content platform into a key touch point for ESIC BUSINESS & MARKETING SCHOOL.

ESIC PLAY represents ESIC’s commitment to high-value, high-impact content: an online platform developed with the ambition to provide its audiences with high quality, educational audiovisual content and to help them acquire knowledge in an easy, accessible and entertaining way.

We helped ESIC building and defining the platform’s value proposition by making the school’s purpose, ‘to transform people to create a better world’, tangible. We also contributed to creating the narrative and messages that would help communicate and convey the value, uses and strengths of the platform to all its audiences. A narrative to help ESIC communicate the strengths of this unique technological platform in its sector.

Visual identity

The visual identity revolves around the “play” symbol as a gateway to a wide universe of content and knowledge to be explored and discovered. This symbol is integrated into a simple and clear logo which encourages users to press play and start learning.

The logo is complemented by a look and feel that illustrates the vast universe of knowledge that the platform represents: an endless space where multiple play shapes represent windows to the various contents. The dark colour palette and the depth treatment in the animation of the elements allude to the idea of a universe without limits, while enhancing the immersive and cinematic character of the platform.

The platform

ESIC PLAY is a multi-device platform in which the content is structured in series, episodes, documentaries and interviews. Therefore the UX needed to effectively tackle this coexistence of contents with different levels of depth and continuity, making it easy for the user to navigate, access and understand them as part of a large coherent family.

We worked from the very conception of the platform through to the final supervision of production and launch. Starting from an initial approach by ESIC, we first carried out a detailed UX analysis and analysis with the aim of significantly simplifying the navigation of the platform. We then created the wireframes and the UI design of the entire platform, integrating characteristic features of the brand’s look and feel.


As a key part of the project, we illustrated the covers for the first 15 series of the platform, which would serve as a model and inspiration for the development of the rest of the covers by ESIC.

Given the often intangible and abstract nature of the content, we approached these pieces from a conceptual perspective, making them more suggestive than literal. The use of vibrant colours, illustration and photography results in a striking and memorable visual style, which enriches the contents’ value perception.