CYCLO. Packaging Redesign

Expanding a brand’s core business while ensuring its consistency.

When in 2015 we took on the CYCLO project, the first brand to launch products that advocated positive, chemical-free, socially responsible and locally manufactured menstruation in Spain, we knew it was going to be a great success.

Now the brand has grown and so has its ambition. In this new phase, CYCLO wants to accompany women in all stages of their lives, from their first period to the menopause.

This strategic change has led to a considerable development of its product portfolio, which includes items as diverse as a breastfeeding disc, a bar of textile soap and a bottle of CBD oil. In order to bring coherence to this business growth, at KNOM we reviewed the brand narrative and the packaging concept for all its products. All of this while retaining CYCLO’s activist character and the brand’s reputation, built on breaking society’s taboos on menstruation.

A revolutionary and at the same time very didactic tone, which we also used in the new packaging design.

Taking inspiration from classical imagery, such as the tapestry of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Bosch or Greco-Roman friezes, we set out to develop a large illustrated pattern that would represent all phases of a woman’s life cycle. This pattern shows a wide, diverse and free female imaginary.

We gave life to a series of illustrations that draw the anatomy of voluptuous and natural women through an organic and lively stroke. These illustrations show a reduced chromatic palette which deliberately integrates the red colour of blood. A colour that, as good #TabooBreakers, CYCLO claims and defends.

The result is an illustrated pattern that shows women of different ages and in different circumstances, using the various products of the brand. A large mural we use sections of on each of the CYCLO packs, focusing on the scene that best illustrates the benefit of the specific product.