CLABE. Open Publishers’ Club

Helping one of the largest, most heterogeneous and active associations in its sector step up into a new era.

In a context of change, constant crisis and growing challenges within the publishing and content creation sector, the Spanish Association of Periodical Publishers (AEEPP) needed to face a change in order to adapt to current and future challenges. At KNOM, we helped the Association firstly by defining a strategy that would guide them through this new stage, as well as show the world the great value they bring not only to its sector, but to society as a whole.

We defined the Association’s new role as ‘agents of change’ and supported this change by an ambitious new purpose: to put information and content creation in the place it deserves, because societies that know, and are informed, are more powerful. We had redefined the foundations for a new brand with a mobilising purpose and an activist, direct and courageous attitude.

However, this refreshed brand also needed a new name that was just as resounding as the new ambition and purpose. More than a name, a symbol that represented the new open and diverse character of the Association. And so, ‘CLABE, Club Abierto de Editores’ (Open Publishers’ Club), was born. A name that also symbolises the association’s knowledge, potential and fundamental role in deciphering, anticipating and opening up to the future. In summary, a new brand that is more inclusive, more innovative, more digital and more ambitious than ever before.