Driving the ambition and leadership of an expert company in renewable energies through brand.

Bluetree is an asset management and consultancy services firm specialising in renewable energy projects which needed a rebrand in order to consolidate its business model.

After more than 14 years operating within a growing sector with an increasing number of players, Bluetree had a clear objective: to position itself in the market in a differential way, building on its good reputation in order to become a benchmark in the sector. In order to achieve this goal, a high-impact brand was necessary, one that would be more recognisable on a commercial level.

We helped them giving shape to this ambition. Firstly, from a strategic point of view, by redefining their positioning with a focus on their values and strengths. Secondly, from a visual point of view, by visually translating this new positioning through the brand’s assets. All this under a unifying concept that summarises Bluetree’s way of doing things as well as its purpose: ‘Tailored solutions for a more efficient world’.

A new era, a new tree

Taking the illustrated tree that had identified Bluetree since its birth as a starting point, we created a new symbol: a simpler and cleaner design solution that is optimal for the digital context.

The strokes that compose this new tree top are inspired by the sun’s rays, while their repetition allude to the movement of a wind turbine. This way, the new symbol integrates the two renewable energy sources present in Bluetree’s projects.

A future-proof visual identity

The new identity also features a vibrant colour palette that retains and intensifies Bluetree’s primary blue, which remains present both in the firm’s origins and its name.

Based on the strokes that compose the new symbol, we also designed a highly versatile and dynamic graphic language, which alludes to Bluetree’s role as a guide towards the energy transition. These pieces are used in a multitude of configurations to frame content and draw visual paths that guide the audience through the various touchpoints.