Crafting a brand from the inside out.

Artigus is a Swiss family business that has been bringing cuisine to schools and companies for more than 40 years. In a sector dominated by large industrial groups, we saw the opportunity to differentiate the brand through their know-how, care and passion. We sought to emphasise Artigus’ main motivation: craftsmanship and the authenticity of traditional food.

At KNOM, we helped them shaping a differential value proposition that looked to the future without losing the essence that has brought them to where they are today. A proposition based on the key idea that eating well makes us better, happier and more connected to our origins.

In order to do this, we strategically repositioned the brand, gave it a new name and developed a visual and verbal identity that truly reflect the spirit of the company across all touchpoints. Taking into account that Artigus is based in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, we crafted the tone of voice in French.

The result is a brand focused on boosting optimism and improving mood within organisations. A brand that inspires people to live and enjoy everyday experiences around food, sharing and savouring every moment. In summary, a far-reaching process of rebrand that meets the initial objective of the project: to take the company to the next level through a brand that enhances its identity and makes it more competitive within its category.

Visual identity

Based on this strategic approach, we developed the concept ‘day to day to the power of optimism’ as a premise for the creation of the visual identity. This idea is translated into the logo through the use of a smile as a symbol, located as the power of the name. This symbol is a declaration of intentions and its message of optimism permeates the entire brand.

The typographic adjustment made to the ‘G’ subtly integrates a smile as well, bringing the idea of optimism into the name itself.

Graphic language

The look and feel equally imbues all brand touch points with optimism. A vibrant colour palette and a striking yet sophisticated typographic style complement a graphic language inspired by the signs and labels of the world’s food markets.

These graphic elements are used across the designs as canvases from which Artigus expresses its irrepressible optimism, emphasising every little positive experience around food and elevating them ‘to the power of optimism.’