81 Palms

How to turn a unique experience into a suggestive brand capable of attracting a visitor to a remote and singular place?

81 Palms is a resort in a remote and hard to find place, where the guest experience is unique and unrepeatable and where responsibility and commitment to the environment is a fundamental element. A resort in an unexplored paradise that only a few can enjoy. A reality like this deserved to be told and conveyed to the world in an equally special way.

We work under the concept of coordinates, those that very few know. Coordinates that invite us to approach and discover this secret paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

81 Palms was a dream.
Today those 81 palm trees shade our cabins.
10°53’03” South – 122°49’31” East.
Our secret. A secret in the Indian Ocean that we want to share with you.
A unique place in Indonesia.
A remote island that they call “hidden place”. Lonely. Exotic. Virgin. Raw.
Far from madness. Here cows and pigs, free, eat on the shore.
Here the reality surpasses anything you have ever imagined.

5,000 m2 of white sand. 1 swimming pool that merges with the horizon.
6 cabins of local architecture, 90 m2 for you, that connect you with nature.
1 100% ecological and sustainable philosophy. Pure respect for nature.
81 palm trees facing the sea. The gateway to the new luxury.

Listen to the silence. Take off your watch. Defy time.
To feel free. Feel the extraordinariness of simplicity. Breathe improvisation.
To sleep and wake up to the sound of the waves.
To eat delicious dishes that go from the market to the table.
To be moved by the intensity of a sun that surprises you with unplanned sunsets.

Surfing and letting yourself be carried away by the inexhaustible energy of the sea.
Waves. Adrenaline. The perfect wave. And then calm.
Disconnect from the world. Connect with you.
This is our secret.
Have you ever missed something you haven’t known yet?

We worked on a brand launch concept, in teaser format, where the suggestive messages capture the essence of the sensations you will experience there and invite you to look for it, find it and finally experience it. The brand storytelling was a key connecting tool within the project as it was necessary to convey everything the resort had to offer by appealing to the purest emotions and sensations of experience.

The visual brand language is as simple as it is powerful. The images are the protagonists. We defined a pure, unadorned, natural photographic style. The result is a very suggestive brand capable of making potential visitors feel the essence of the island and the Resort. To make them feel that they miss a place they don’t know yet.